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Mizzou Extension creates Missouri weed ID app

COLUMBIA, Mo. (AP) -- Missouri residents trying to distinguish henbit from nuisance geranium in their lawns or gardens can now consult a free weed-finding app.

University of Missouri Extension says its new app—called ID Weeds—has detailed photos and information on more than 400 plant species that may show up as weeds in fields, pastures, lawns and gardens in Missouri and surrounding states.

Versions are available for newer iPhones, iPads and Android devices. There’s also a version built for the Web.

Extension weed scientist Kevin Bradley unveiled the app at the recent MU Crop Management Conference in Columbia.

The app lets users look up a weed by its common or scientific name. Users can also narrow a list of possible weeds by checking off characteristics on a series of drop-down boxes.



ID Weeds on the Web: http://www.weedID.missouri.edu


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