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Feldman: Rams should go after Tebow, but not as QB

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By Brendan Marks By Brendan Marks

With reports circulating all over the country that Tim Tebow is about to become very much team-less, it certainly raises the question as to what is next for the most talked about mediocre quarterback ever. 


Will ANYONE give him a shot to play QB?  Anyone? 

Remember...when the Broncos were practically giving him away there were only a handful of teams that were interested in the first place.  And one of them, clearly the Jets, needed all of a few months to determine he’s not very good.

I can’t fathom someone else is going to try and develop him into an NFL passer.  I really can’t.

Therefore, if I’m Rams GM Les Snead and head coach Jeff Fisher, once this season concludes and Tebow is indeed released from the Jets I place a simple phone call.

I phone his agent, Jimmy Sexton, and find out if Tebow’s willing to give up on his quarterback dream.  I find out if he’s willing to come to an organization that believes in him.  Believes in his athleticism.  Believes in his intangibles.  Believes in pretty much everything about him except his ability to throw.

If that answer is a no, I’d politely say “good luck” and move on.  You lose nothing more than a few minutes of your time and a few minutes on your cell phone bill.

But if that answer is a yes, well, the possibilities are intriguing.

The reason Tim Tebow is such a lightning rod for conversation is because his strengths and his weaknesses border on the extreme.  Tebow’s strengths are his athleticism and his intangibles.  He’s a very good - but not great - runner.  He’s not Michael Vick or Cam Newton.  However, his intangibles (i.e. his ability to lead and motivate) are arguably the best this league has ever seen.

On the other hand, there’s a reason no one wants the guy.  To play quarterback in the NFL you have to be a passer first.  And Tebow’s passing skills are well below average at best...horrendous at worst. 

Here’s a guy the Broncos once trusted to throw the ball just eight times in a game.  Eight.  Versus 55 runs.  True story.  Check out the box score from the Denver-Kansas City game on November 13, 2011. 

I always thought the team that was going to win was one that found a place for Tebow where you could maximize all of his strengths and minimize his weaknesses.  That would be as an H-back.  Someone who could line up all over the place.  Running back, wide receiver, tight end, quarterback, anywhere.

You could use his athleticism and playmaking ability for what they are.  You could have him be that motivating factor in the locker room.  And you wouldn’t have to rely on him to be your key piece in the passing game. 

Would it definitely work?  No.

Do I believe it would be worth a chance?  Yes.

Unless, of course, Tebow still dreams of playing quarterback.  Then he can look elsewhere. 

Probably in the CFL.


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