Stray bullets rip into south St. Louis home, miss man by inches -

Stray bullets rip into south St. Louis home, miss man by inches

ST. LOUIS ( – Two incidents involving stray bullets just hours apart had south St. Louis residents on edge Wednesday night.  

A spray of bullets barely missed a 67-year-old man and his family while they were sitting inside their home, and hours later a woman’s car was hit by stray gunfire on Page Avenue.

Police say the cases don’t appear to be connected, but that hasn’t eased concerns in the community.

The victim who had his home ripped into by bullets said there was nothing he could do to protect himself.

“I wouldn’t be here today, but thank God,” Larry said. “One thing they can’t do, they can’t beat God.”

News 4 has agreed to protect the victim’s identity because the gunmen are still at large.

According to Larry, the difference between life and death may have been a cell phone charger.

“I got up and went here to plug in my phone to charge it because I was getting ready to leave and all of a sudden, bam bam bam!” he said.

Moments after Larry moved a mere foot from his chair, a smattering of bullets shattered the front door and tore through the drywall just inches from where he’d sat moments before.

The Vietnam veteran was home with his family, including his great niece. He has no idea who would want to hurt them or why.

I got babies in here,” he said. “My niece has a grandchild in here, and it’s a baby. That baby ain’t done nothing, I haven’t done anything, I don’t even know you.”

As police work to answer those same questions, officers say they have a good lead. According to authorities, the shooter sped off in a newer, white, 4-door Buick with tinted windows and large rims. The car was last seen driving on South Compton near Bates.

Larry is upset, but happy that his family is intact.

“I’m just blessed that god blessed us that it didn’t hit none of us, didn’t hurt anybody,” he said.


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