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Feldman: Rams still have plenty to play for

ST. LOUIS (Football StL) -- Bill Parcells said it best.  When he was the coach of the Cowboys and they had already been eliminated from playoff contention he was asked if it was going to be difficult to get his guys motivated and ready to play their remaining final game.

His response:  If you’re a boxer do you just walk into the ring and let the other person just pummel you without fighting back? 

No, you don’t.  You fight.  You compete.  If for no other reason than the fact it’s your job and make no mistake about it. Jobs are on the line.

Also, there’s this thing called the integrity of the game.  The Bucs, who the Rams play this Sunday, won’t be in the playoffs either but the Seahawks, who they play in their last game, probably will.  The Rams owe it to the rest of the league and especially the teams fighting with Seattle to play their best.

It speaks to the character of the players in how they prepare and compete in games that, technically, don’t mean anything as far as the postseason goes.

In fact, Sam Bradford told me today there is a lot to play for.  They can still have a winning record (8-7-1 if they win the final two games) and can still be unbeaten in the division if they beat Seattle.  Those are pretty darn impressive accomplishments for a team that had won just 15 games over the last five seasons.

Pretty much, overall, professional athletes shouldn’t need extra special motivation to go out and do what they are paid an obscene amount to do.  It’s unfortunate that at times they do need it.  But they shouldn’t. 

Maybe, okay not maybe...definitely under previous regimes they would have given up in a situation such as this.  However, it doesn’t look like this one will.  Jeff Fisher has already proven things are changing here in St. Louis. 

That won’t stop now.

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