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Police investigate rumored threats made against Warren County school

NEWTOWN, Conn. (KMOV) – A parent called News 4 after seeing a social media post threatening shootings in the Warren County School District.


Warren County R-3 Superintendent Dr. Tom Muzzey says it started with a post on Facebook. Muzzey said one student wrote that he overhead another student threatening to shoot up Warrenton High School on Friday.

“It weights very heavy on my mind, the parents of the students entrust the safety of the students to me essentially,” said Muzzey.

But Warrenton Police Chief Greg Houdyshell said there was no substantial threat in the case.

“There’ve been two sort of general threats, one was that there was going to be a gang come in an blow up the school and there was another that said some kids from another community were going to come over and shoot up the school,” said Houdyshell.

Police said they traced it back to a Wright City High School student. Authorities said he denies saying anything about a shooting or having an intent to hurt people, but with tensions high, they are not taking anything lightly.

“We’re in panic mode too, and our primary focus is to make sure the children stay safe,” said Houdyshell.

Extra police were walking Warrenton High School’s halls Wednesday and even more will be in place on Friday as  administrators work closer than ever with law enforcement to separate real danger from rumor.


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