Mild Winter could bring big savings for St. Louis -

Mild Winter could bring big savings for St. Louis

ST. LOUIS ( – City officials are keeping watch on the winter forecast. If the city sees another mild winter as predicted, St. Louis could save hundreds of thousands of dollars on snow removal.

With the savings, officials said the city could replace  old tow trucks or trucks used for bulk trash pickup.

“There’s a lot of savings in the salaries and fuel costs,” said Streets Director Todd Waelterman. “And of course next year we wouldnt have to replenish the salt used.”

Depending on how much salt is used, the city could save as much as $200,000. Most of the savings would come from the overtime paid to workers who drive snowplows. Drivers work 12-hour shifts and because of this, work a lot of overtime.

There are plenty of projects officials have their eye on, but there is one in particular that is at the top of the wish list.

“I tell you the one that gives me the most grief is Vandeventer,” said Waelterman.

He is referring to a one-mile stretch of Vandeventer Avenue from Chouteau Avenue, north of Highway 40 to Washington Avenue near the St. Louis University campus. The road is rough and has been patched numerous times. Waelterman says it’s the source of several resident complaints.

“So right off the bat, right off the top of my head, if I have money in the spring and I can afford to put it on the street, we’re going to put it on Vandeventer,” he said.

Total cost of repaving the one-mile section of Vandeventer Avenue would be $240,000.

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