St. Charles student facing charges after taking feud to Facebook -

St. Charles student facing charges after taking feud to Facebook

ST. CHARLES, Mo ( -- A high school student in St. Charles is facing charges after police say he took a fued to Facebook. The 17-year-old is accused of posting an obscene photo of a former friend, and has been charged with cyber harrassment.

Authorities say it seems no matter how many classroom lessons,  guest speakers, or even entire clubs dedicated to prevent bullying, it still happens. 

Police say students just don’t get the concept that once something is posted on the Internet, it never goes away.

“Twenty years ago they may have met behind the school parking lot and duked it out,” Said St. Charles Police Lieutenant Dave Senter. “Now you go home and you post something nasty on social media site or the Internet.”

It isn’t easy for school administrators to punish online bullying, but for the second time this school year, police have stepped in after students at St. Charles High School took their vendettas online.

“They were the kind of pictures most folks would find offensive,” Senter said. “Things had been photoshopped or some other method had been used to take two different pictures and put them together and make for something that they found offensive.”

The cyber harassment charge is a misdemeanor, and a judge will decide the punishment in municipal court.

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