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Will Jackson be back next year?

ST. LOUIS (Football StL) -- Wouldn't you know it? In the game in which Steven Jackson goes over 10,000 yards rushing for his career the Rams play poorly as a team, and are all but eliminated from playoff contention.

That just about sums up Jackson's career. The individual accolades keep coming but the team struggles. It's been that way almost from the day Jackson first arrived from Oregon State back in 2004. Jackson is just the 10th player in league history to get 10,000 yards with the same team, and to have done that in an era of franchise futility is remarkable.

Jackson has the option to void his contract when this season ends. He was asked if he thought yesterday's game was his final home game as a Ram, and Jackson said "I have two games to go for sure. We have a decision to make in the offseason, but I will seek the counsel of people that I have great respect for and I don't think about that. I still have two games to do my job and to do it the way I play, I need to be completely focused on that."

Jackson has been a great soldier for the Rams for nine years, but he's never been on a winning team. The Rams have finished .500 twice with Jackson as their running back. He's been in only two playoff games, both in his rookie season.

If I was Steven Jackson I think I'd be ready to explore a change of scenery. How could he not be frustrated at this point? Every player wants a chance to win a Super Bowl ring, and at age 29 Jackson's time as a starting running back is limited. I couldn't blame him at all if he decides to test the free agent market.

In fact, I would expect him to do that. If he does, the Rams will have another huge hole to fill next season at a position they haven't had to worry about since the day they drafted Jackson.

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