Stars turn to Twitter to grieve for the Connecticut victims and their families -

Stars turn to Twitter to grieve for the Connecticut victims and their families

HOUSTON - Celebrities around the country are turning to Twitter to share their shock and sadness over the shootings in Newtown, Connecticut.

joe jonas ‏@joejonas - This is such sad news. Heart is broken for the children and their families.

Piers Morgan ‏@piersmorgan - No more weasly words of 'comfort' Mr President. This is the latest, and worst, gun outrage on your watch. Time to act. #GunControl

Joan Rivers ‏@Joan_Rivers - Hearing the news of the sad tragedy in CT. I'm horrified and heartbroken - my thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families.  

Blake Shelton ‏@blakeshelton - Stand strong and stand united everyone... We are Americans and we are better than this. What a sad sad disgusting day this is...

Steve Carell ‏@SteveCarell - Hold your kids close today.

Larry King ‏@kingsthings - This is a double horror story-the horror of the senseless deaths & that this continues 2happen in this country #Newtown

Katie Couric ‏@katiecouric - Shocked & saddened to hear this morning's news... My heart goes out to the families of #SandyHook Elementary children, faculty, staff.

Giuliana Rancic ‏@GiulianaRancic - This tragedy is beyond heartbreaking. Imagine how excited these little kids were for the holidays. Why? Why? Why? Tragic and senseless.  

Sherri Shepherd ‏@SherriEShepherd - So many residents of Newton gather together in church...feel so helpless...all they can do is cling to the Lord. Praying for them.

Vivica A. Fox ‏@MsVivicaFox - Wow! It seems like we r gonna have to put metal detectors everywhere and armed guards! Seems like u can't b safe anywhere!! WTH?? :-(

Dianna Agron ‏@DiannaAgron - Just hearing news of the Sandy Hook shooting. This is tragic & needs to stop. My heart goes out to all of those involved. #guncontrol  

Mike Tyson ‏@MikeTyson - My thoughts and prayers to the families of the victims at Sandy Hook elementary school.

solange knowles ‏@solangeknowles - I am so deeply saddened, and angry at what has happened at Sandy Hook in Newtown. New gun laws MUST happen. This is devastating.

Jonas Brothers ‏@JonasBrothers - Praying for the families of Sandy Hook!! #thinkingofyou

Taylor Lautner ‏@OfficialTL - My prayers go out for the victims of the shooting at #SandyHook Elementary in Connecticut.

Piers Morgan ‏@piersmorgan - Dear God.... > RT @hartfordcourant One entire classrom is unaccounted for outside the school, sources said.

Jessica Alba ‏@jessicaalba - One child is confirmed dead in #Newtown shooting - this is just awful. My heart goes out 2 all affected... So sad.

Rick Perry ‏@GovernorPerry - Horrible news out of Connecticut today. Thoughts and prayers to everyone affected by this tragedy.  

Joel Osteen ‏@JoelOsteen - We are praying for all those affected by the devastating tragedy in CT. Our heart goes out to all those that are hurting right now.

Anderson Cooper ‏@andersoncooper - All our words seem so small, so meaningless in the face of such horror.

Rosie O'Donnell ‏@Rosie - turn off the horror - only light can defeat darkness - pray for healing - those children - the mentally ill - a culture of killing in the US

StevenChapman ‏@StevenCurtis - No words, just unspeakable sadness, heavy heart, tears & prayers for families in Sandy Hook.  

demetria lovato ‏@ddlovato - My heart is absolutely broken after hearing about the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary school.. Wow.. So terrible.

Alyssa Milano ‏@Alyssa_Milano - My heart and soul aches for the parents of those babies lost and for the babies that have to somehow heal & overcome... Hold each other.  

Vivica A. Fox ‏@MsVivicaFox - TTYL tweeps! Im gonna go pray for these families! God have mercy on all of us! This is just devastating and unbelievable to me!!

Britney Spears ‏@britneyspears - My heart is with the children and families of Connecticut today... #PrayForNewton

Mandy Moore ‏@TheMandyMoore - Absolutely devastating news this morning. There are no words.Thoughts, prayers and love to all in #Newtown.

mia farrow ‏@MiaFarrow - "The majority of those who died today were children. Beautiful little kids between the ages of 5 and 10." President Obama 

Derek Hough ‏@derekhough - My heart goes out to the families in Connecticut . A horrific tragedy . An unspeakable evil to such innocent human beings.

Nancy O'Dell ‏@NancyODell - My heart and prayers go out to those in CT. My stomach has a pit in it watching the news right now.

Jodie Sweetin ‏@JodieTweetin - I can't stop crying... This news of the tragedy in Connecticut is beyond words. I am sending prayers 2 families. My heart breaks for them.

Ron Howard ‏@RealRonHoward - Prayers for the Victims and Families and please....Let's grow beyond these senseless acts - We're better than this.

Brooke Burke-Charvet ‏@brookeburke - Unfathomable news in Connecticut. I have no words. Holiday spirit just got sucked out of me. I'm sick...

Nancy Grace ‏@NancyGraceHLN - Praying for the victims of the CT elementary school shooting. xx


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