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Hitchcock says Blues must beat Hawks 'resolve' to win series

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By Elizabeth Eisele By Elizabeth Eisele

CHICAGO, Ill. -- It appeared early on in Game 3 at the United Center that solving Chicago goaltender Corey Crawford would be exceptionally tough.


And that's how it was.

The Blues essentially failed to put the Blackhawks  away on Monday night, thus leaving the door open for the defending Stanley Cup champs.

Head coach Ken Hitchcock said he's not surprised one bit.  He knew it would never be that easy.

"When you're knocking off just a (regular) team in the league it's a different animal," Hitchcock said after the Blues' loss to the Blackhawks. "But when you're knocking off the defending world champion (it's another thing).

"They're not the defending champion because they have skill. It's because they got resolve. You're not trying to beat their skill. You're trying to beat their resolve. Everyone has skill. And (this) is one huge challenge," Hitchcock said.

That resolve is what the Blues are trying to find and muster en route to their own Stanley Cup.  Except their next one would be their first.  And it's what drives this organization every single day.

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