Roxana mayor accused of making false promise to resident -

Roxana mayor accused of making false promise to resident

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(KMOV) -- A mayor in the Metro East was never in the position to make the pledge he made to voters.

A promise to do “everything in (his) power” to cut the salary of the position helped Paul Oller get elected in 2013.  Ten months after Oller took office, he’s still being paid the same.  Some Roxana residents view it as a broken campaign promise.
“I think it's ridiculous.  If you're going to run on that saying you're going to give the money back, and then you don't and he's an absentee mayor.  He's not doing anything for this village,” said resident Bob Farris as he was headed into the village trustee meeting Monday night.
The promise was on Oller’s campaign postcard because he thought a recent raise of $1,200 a month for the position wasn’t fair to tax payers.
“I felt like it was too much,” said Oller.
What Oller didn’t know was Illinois law which bars elected officials like himself from changing their salary during their term.
“It was explained to me after I was elected,” said Oller.  “It is what it is.  This was set before I was elected.  I didn’t vote on it and it wasn’t my idea,” he added.
Oller says he’ll run the village for one, four-year term and try to lower the salary before the next mayor takes over. Oller could donate his salary to the Village, but hasn’t.

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