Lincoln County authorities being questioned on drug enforcement -

Lincoln County authorities being questioned on drug enforcement

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( – Lincoln County recently arrested two teens accused of selling marijuana, during a time while there is an effort underway to legalize the drug.

Levi Jennings, 19, and Kelly Holloran, 18, have both been charged with selling pot, at a time when the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office announced it is cracking down on narcotics.

Some, however, believe authorities are sending mixed signals because there is an ongoing debate about whether the drug should be legal.

Show-Me Cannabis, a group that is pushing to legalize marijuana in Missouri, wants voters to vote on a legalization referendum in 2016.

"If everyone in Missouri voted tomorrow on this issue, marijuana legalization would pass," John Payne with Show-Me Cannabis said.

The group had been hoping to put the issue up for a vote in 2014, but Payne thinks the measure would have a better chance of passing in a presidential election year when turnout is higher.

Not everyone agrees with that sentiment.

"The state of Missouri is a pretty conservative state,” Dan Duncan said. “I don't know if we'll be moving toward legalization any time soon."

Duncan told News 4 he does not think legalization is good idea. According to Duncan, the perception of risk has gone down in states where medical marijuana or recreational marijuana has been legalized, while marijuana use among young people has increased.

"It's one thing for adults who have an interest in just getting high, but to do so and not  really consider the impact on kids I think is grossly irresponsible,"  Duncan said.

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