Retaliation for Backes injury may wait until next season -

Retaliation for Backes injury may wait until next season

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By KMOV Web Producer By KMOV Web Producer

CHICAGO, Ill.—With their captain, David Backes, out for Monday night’s Game 3 against the Blackhawks at the United Center, the Blues are faced with dealing with possible repercussions.

How do you balance sticking up for a teammate that was hit with a cheap shot and trying to win a playoff series?

“I think winning a playoff series is the best revenge we can get,” Ryan Reaves said. Reaves is the obvious candidate to administer any possible justice. “We can send them packing and shining up the golf clubs.  I think that would be the best revenge right now.”

Would things be any different if this were a regular season game?

“I think so, yeah.  It would have been a little more emotional. Obviously, we were trying to climb back in that game (in St. Louis on Saturday) so we couldn’t do anything.  Regular season might be a little different but now is not the time to get hot heads.”

The smart money would be on the Blues doing nothing during this series but waiting for Brent Seabrook to return against them next year in the regular season.


Then they could give their own kind of justice.

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