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Police unsure if bizarre claim of kidnapping in Pevely adds up

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By Daniel Greenwald By Daniel Greenwald

(KMOV.com) –  Authorities said the two women who claimed they were held captive in Pevely for three weeks are suddenly not cooperating with police.

Authorities said two women approached them April 10 at a Pevely gas station claiming a man, who was hiding in the gas station’s car wash, had been holding them captive. Authorities said they then spoke to man who gave them permission to search his home.

“When they went up there they didn't find anything that lent any credence to the girl's story however they did come across ten or 12 pounds of marijuana,” said Pevely Police Chief Ron Weeks.

Police do not believe the marijuana was grown at the man’s home and not sure where it was grown. According to police, the man owns several buildings including a home that was bring rented.

Police said the two woman have since returned to their hometown of Fairdealing, Mo. and are currently refusing to speak.

"We have attempted to interview them again and they're making themselves scarce and their cooperation is not what we had hoped it would be," Weeks said.

News 4’s Ray Preston tried to obtain a comment from Herculaneum police who are helping with the investigation, but they have not returned any calls.

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