Residents believe prominent St. Louis developer getting special -

Residents believe prominent St. Louis developer getting special treatment

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By Dan Mueller By Dan Mueller

( – St. Louis officials on Wednesday gave prominent developer Paul McKee more time to pay city attorneys a lofty legal bill.

McKee, who was given more than $400 million in tax breaks to help fund a regeneration project in north St. Louis, sent an attorney to ask the St. Louis Board of Estimate to give him two more weeks to pay a $57,000 legal bill that was due in February.

Many residents made their voices heard at the committee’s meeting Wednesday. Some told News 4 they are concerned McKee is receiving special treatment.

“I've lived here all my life and I've always had to pay my bills and my taxes. I've never had an extension on anything,” north St. Louis resident Elizabeth Brooks said. “He has a lot more money than I do, so why shouldn't he have to pay his also."

The Northside Regeneration project, which is supposed to revitalize more than 1,000 parcels of vacant land, has had trouble getting off the ground. Brooks told News 4 she wonders if it will ever be completed.

“I think the northside needs it, but I will say I think Paul Mckee is responsible for the way a lot of the northside looks now," Brooks said.

News 4 contacted both McKee’s company and private attorneys to see if he has been paying his personal attorneys on time, but the station did not receive a response. 

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