Lincoln County authorities increasing crackdown on drugs -

Lincoln County authorities increasing crackdown on drugs

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By Dan Mueller By Dan Mueller

(KMOV) – Authorities in Lincoln County say they are increasing the enforcement of illegal drugs.

“We are ramping up our drug enforcement activities in Lincoln County,” said Lincoln County Sheriff John Cottle on Tuesday. “The public can expect to see more drug arrests in the coming months.”

Since 2006, 1900 people in the St. Louis area have died from heroin overdoses. Authorities said 65 percent of the drug busts in Lincoln County are for meth, heroin, marijuana; around 20 percent of busts are due to prescription drugs.

The latest arrest happened Monday when 34-year-old Shane Johnson and 27-year-old Kathleen Teson were taken into custody on charges they were selling meth out of their Troy, Mo. home.

An expert told News 4 the drug problem has been getting worse in many parts of the country, and that the problem is stretching the the resources for treatment thin.

"We currently have about 110 people could treat up to 200 at any given time. It's more because of funding, we don't have adequate funding to treat more people," Ron Rice with Bridgeway Behavioral Health said.

Binder also said abuse of prescription drugs among middle school students is becoming a big problem. 

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