Is Rockwood School District wasting taxpayer money? -

Is Rockwood School District wasting taxpayer money?

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( – Many parents are unhappy after the Rockwood School Board recently approved raises for some teachers and administrators.

Eight parents contacted News 4 saying they are opposed to a 4.7 percent increase for administrators and a 3.74 increase for teachers. The district said the raises are necessary because they claim their staff is paid less compared to other districts in the area.

"The right thing was to get our administrators competitively paid" and that's what we are doing,” Rockwood School Board President Bill Brown said. “There was a person who left this district and got a raise of about 12 to 20 thousand to go to a neighboring district.”

Kelly said she would support giving a raise to teachers, but said she does not believe the school board is presenting parents with accurate numbers.

“I would love to pay them the most in the state and have the best scores in the state,” parent Jennifer Kelly said. “I would be for it if the board could show me a comparison of how our kids are performing with other districts of the same size, same demographics. If they want to be paid the same that's fine."

Many other parents told News 4 they also do not trust and the board and have a hard time believing those numbers. That mistrust may stem from a 2013 report from Missouri Auditor Tom Schweich which showed a previous board mismanaged more than $1 million.

Brown told News 4 he believes Schweich is pleased with the district has responded to the money mismanagement problem.

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