St. Louis college student kicked out for allegedly standing up t -

St. Louis college student kicked out for allegedly standing up to bully

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By KMOV Web Producer By KMOV Web Producer

(KMOV) – A student at Ranken Technical College in north St. Louis said he can’t graduate after he pushed another student who reportedly threatened him.

Nicholas Johnson says he was overcome with emotion when a disciplinary board at the college ruled to kick him out.

Johnson said it all started after a student started mocking and pestering him during a test. Johnson said the student was “not only a bully but a habitual trouble maker.”

The argument exculpated and, within moments, the other student was standing face to face with him ready to fight.

“As I turned around I noticed he had both of his fists clinched in like a gesture he was going to strike me do I turned around and I pushed him off of me,” Johnson said.

But even that simple act was enough for the college to dismiss Johnson. So despite his high grades, he won’t be receiving a degree, but the alleged bully is still enrolled.

“I was going to be the first male in my family to ever have a degree from a university,” said Johnson. “It meant a lot for me to show my mother she raised a man and not a boy.”

In a written statement, college officials say “any student who engages in fighting on the Ranken campus, or lays hands on another student, is subject to disciplinary action up to and including dismissal.”

The school also says dismissed students can come back the following semester. But Johnson believes his ousting only shows the school’s soft stance on bullying. 

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