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Police: Local sex offender dodges registry, uses alias to commit more crimes

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By KMOV Web Producer By KMOV Web Producer

 (KMOV) – A St. Louis man convicted of multiple sex crimes, was able to dodge the sex offender registry and allegedly commit more sex crimes after creating a new identity.

According to authorities, Walter Griffith was able to get away with this for years but now prosecutors are taking steps to make sure he is locked up for good.

Officials have no doubt Griffith would strike again if he gets the chance at freedom. He is currently in police custody because a jury found him guilty on 20 counts of various sexual abuse charges.

Most recently, Griffith was accused of sexually abusing his then-girlfriend’s 13-year-old daughter in St. Louis City.

This case is particularly concerning because he is an individual who has done this in the past and has those convictions,” said Anna Kratky, Assistant Circuit Attorney.

Griffith’s history of sexual abuse goes back to 2004 when he was convicted of attempted child molestation and statutory sodomy in St. Louis County. He was required to register as a sex offender and officials say he did.

But starting in May 2008, he absconded from registering as a sex offender to St. Louis Police. In 2009, while failing to register, authorities say he began sexually abusing the 13-year-old girl for more than a year, using a different name; Bryan Griffith.

“He used a different name and in the court room during the trial the victim referred to him by the name that he used because he didn't know his real name,” said Kratky.

On Wednesday, a jury found Griffith guilty of child molestation, multiple counts of second-degree statutory sodomy and multiple counts of rape.

“This is someone who should not go back on the streets, this is someone who not only needs to be held accountable but locked up for a long time,” said Kratky.

His fate has yet to be decided with his sentencing hearing scheduled for the end of May.

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