St. Charles man left with bill after crooks raise red flags with -

St. Charles man left with bill after crooks raise red flags with IRS

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By KMOV Web Producer By KMOV Web Producer

  (KMOV) – A man was billed thousands by the IRS all because scammers tried to rip him off. Now, he’s hoping his financial future isn’t ruined as a result.

“The shock of the amount the IRS said I had due I knew something very wrong here,” the victim said.

His bad feeling appeared to be right, the unidentified man said criminals tried to rip off his tax refund.

The victim said “since they used my address I got the letter saying it was under paid instead of them getting the refund.”

He said the suspects tried routing his tax return money into their own bank account but sloppy work on the filing form prompted the IRS to throw a red flag and send an audit letter to an innocent man with a lot of questions.

Who did this? How’d they do it? I'm disappointed the IRS didn't give me more info so I could figure out who may have filed,” he said.

Ultimately everything was corrected and the victim didn’t have to pay thousands. He still hasn't received his tax refund and says the fear and inconvenience of having his identity stolen still lingers

 “I almost feel like there's nothing you can do to protect yourself. I’m very careful online with where I give personal information so I'm upset it can still can happen,” he said.

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