Girl arrested for allegedly assaulting St. Louis teacher -

Girl arrested for allegedly assaulting St. Louis teacher

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By Sarah Heath By Sarah Heath
By KMOV Web Producer By KMOV Web Producer

(KMOV) – A 14-year-old student was booked for an alleged assault on a teacher in north St. Louis Tuesday afternoon.

Police said it happened as class was letting out at Confluence Academy’s Walnut Park campus.

News 4 spoke to the 8th-grade student’s family, who said it was the teacher who attacked the student.

The student, Deairea Bradley, admitted she ignored the teacher’s instructions to remain in the classroom but, said there’s no excuse for what happened next.

Bradley said her teacher slammed her head against the wall and pulled braids from her head, which resulted in a knot on the back of her head.

According to Bradley, she was preparing for dismissal and left to go to her locker against her instructor’s directions.

That’s when she said the teacher followed her into the hallway, slammed the locker door shut and pulled out the braids.

Bradley said she then pushed the teacher in defense. She was suspended for a week for the incident and later arrested on third-degree assault.

But her mom told News 4, the teacher should be the one in trouble.

“I want this teacher brought up on assault charges. Because at the end of the day she should have listened, and not gone to her locker. But that does not give you a reason to assault a child," said Bradley’s mother, Megan Danner.

Officials with Confluence said St. Louis police took statements from Bradley, the teacher and several witnesses who were in the hallway. Police are still investigating.

The school adds that it’s conducting its own internal investigation.

Confluence Charter Schools said that the instructor is a substitute and was placed on administrative leave without pay as the internal investigation continues into the incident.

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