Man with autism punched in groin in latest St. Louis MetroLink a -

Man with autism punched in groin in latest St. Louis MetroLink attack

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By Brendan Marks By Brendan Marks
By Brendan Marks By Brendan Marks

(KMOV) – Police say a 21-year-old man with autism is the latest of yet another violent attack on a St. Louis MetroLink train.

Michael  Fieser said a pair of teenage crooks nabbed his son Adam Fieser’s phone out of his pocket right before they were about to exit the MetroLink train at the Forest Park Station.

“I’m sure it was all planned out I mean knowing the train’s going to come to a stop and they were out the door,” said Michael Fieser.

“They were telling me I need to snap out of it snap out of it and before I knew it I felt a punch it the groin and my dad go running off the train yelling,” said Adam Fieser.  “I was screaming to my dad, ‘where you at where you at?’”

The assault left Adam, who suffers from autism, shaken but not seriously hurt. Now, both he and his parents want to know what MetroLink is doing to make rides safer.

“They definitely need to keep security on the train rather than three on top of the platform I would think,” said Michael Fieser.

Metro officials would not go on camera, but said they contract out security with St. Louis city and county police as well as St. Clair County sheriff’s, in addition to the security guards and cameras in place

Officials say they also have the option to conduct hot-spot policing in areas where violence picks up, but they would not confirm if that’s an immediate solution in this case.

They do urge riders to pay attention when on the metro, a lesson Adam is now teaching to everyone he knows.

“It really made me mad because I have other friends who like to ride the metro and I’d like to put the word out there just don’t drop your guard,” he said.

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