Between 75 and 100 homes evacuated after gas pipeline rupture in -

Between 75 and 100 homes evacuated after gas pipeline rupture in Pike County

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BOWLING GREEN, Mo. ( – Authorities said between 75 and 100 homes were evacuated after a gas pipeline ruptured near Bowling Green, Missouri Thursday night.

Firefighters said the pipeline ruptured near the junction of Highway U and Highway 43, in an area very close to Highway 63 around 5:30 p.m. One EMA worker told News 4 he was four miles away from the break, but could still hear the roar of escaping natural gas. Others said they could hear the rupture from six miles away.

Authorities said everyone within a mile was evacuated. Authorities said they considered evacuating a state prison located two miles away from the where the pipe broke, but elected not to. Everyone who was evacuated was allowed to return to the area around midnight. 

Gas to the pipeline has been shut off.

A representative for Tallgrass says the company is investigating the cause of the incident. Once the cause is narrowed down, then the company will know what kind of repairs will need to be made and the time those repairs will take.

One nearby resident said her husband was unable get home Thursday night because he was not allowed past emergency vehicles. She also said she's now concerned about the pipeline's safety.

"I just thought, assumed we were safe until this happened. Now that makes me think about what could happen in the future," Nan Hufty said.

If you want to see how close a gas line is to where you live, you can view the National Pipeline Mapping System. The maps show several lines running through Pike, St.  Charles, and St. Louis County. They also show an extensive array of lines in Madison and St. Clair Counties in Illinois.

"There's eight different companies that run through here (St. Charles County), they have a variety of products such as natural gas, diesel, gasoline, aviation fuel," said Gary Bird with St. Charles County's Hazmat Team.


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