Do MoDOT's regulations for tourist attraction signs set the bar too high? -

Do MoDOT's regulations for tourist attraction signs set the bar too high?

ST. CHARLES, Mo. ( -- For motorists visiting attractions in Missouri, brown signs alongside roadways across the state direct the way to popular sites.

When MoDOT attempted to clarify the language within the regulations of the road signs, the agency received backlash from those who opposed the changes.

A proposed modification to the regulations would only allow attractions with over one million visitors per year to qualify for the sign, which led to concern that the mandatory amount of visitors would be too high for some attractions which depend on the signs to direct visitors.

The historic Daniel Boone home in Defiance currently has a brown attraction road sign. More than half of the house's 22,000 visitors a year are from out of the state or county.

Some drivers told News 4's Ray Preston that the state signs act as stamps of approval for attractions, or as a guarantee motorists are driving in the right direction.

The St. Charles County Council passed a resolution opposing any potential rule changes which demand too high of a yearly attendance at attractions before qualifying for a sign.

Tom Blair of MoDOT said they were only trying to clarify a potentially confusing policy.

Tourist attraction signs are optional for qualifying attractions, but sign installation costs about one thousand dollars and participants must sign a ten-year contract.

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