Blood-soaked victim begs for help from store owner after being a -

Blood-soaked victim begs for help from store owner after being assaulted outside shop

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By Adam McDonald By Adam McDonald

NORTH ST. LOUIS ( – The owner of a store in north St. Louis says a man barged in his store, begging for help as he was soaked in his own blood.

“[Blood was] on my floor, on my ice cream machine, and everywhere. He got blood on everything,” said the owner of Zuhair Market, located on Hodiamont. “[He was] bleeding from both legs and a hand.”

After seeing the severity of the victim’s injuries, store employees quickly called 911 for help. While the victim was waiting, 31-year-old Michael Griffin, who police believe to be the suspect responsible for the victim’s injuries, barged in and began assaulting the victim again.

According to the store owner, Griffin came in, spotted the victim, and immediately kicked him “really hard.” Police say they investigated and found video surveillance which revealed what happened before the victim came into the store begging for help.

Investigators say Griffin pulled up next to the victim and fired several shots at him before the man was able to run into Zuhair’s Market.

“I try to help out. I don’t’ mind. I understand that somebody was shot,” said the store owner. “We have to take care of this or call the cops or call the ambulance.

Griffin is now facing several felony charges including assault and armed criminal action.

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