Sign-language fluent 10-year-old helps paramedics treat wreck vi -

Sign-language fluent 10-year-old helps paramedics treat wreck victim

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By Stephanie Baumer By Stephanie Baumer

LENEXA, KS (KCTV) -An injured woman was trapped in her wrecked car, and paramedics were having trouble communicating with her.

Yesenia Diosdado heard the crash as she was playing outside with her friends.

“I heard a weird sound so I wanted to go look,” Yesenia recalled.

She realized the woman was deaf and unable to communicate verbally with the paramedics. The girl quickly began to sign with the injured woman.

She asked her, “Are you hurt?”

The dumbfounded paramedics struggled to believe what they were seeing. The woman was able to tell the young girl where she was hurt and what hospital she wanted to go to. She then quickly told the paramedics this vital information.

“We would not have been able to establish what her injuries were without significant delays of having to establish another means of communication,” said Chris Winger of Johnson County MEDACT.

He and others said Yesenia was brave to jump in and offer to help.

The woman recovered from her injuries. The wreck, which happened earlier this month, was at 77th and Quivira.

Yesenia’s mother, Susan Mulidore, taught three of her children, including Yesenia, how to sign. A fourth child is learning the language.

“I have always explained to my kids, even if you never use it, the importance of sign language. It is everywhere,” the proud mother said.

She said she began to teach her daughter sign language when she was just a year old.

She was at her daughter’s school, Rising Star Elementary, on Monday morning as paramedics and others presented Yesenia with a certificate of appreciation and a medal for her bravery.

“Just knowing the simple alphabet of sign language can be a huge benefit especially in a situation like this,” Mulidore said.


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