President Obama discusses nuclear deal with India -

President Obama discusses nuclear deal with India

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By Adam McDonald By Adam McDonald

NEW DEHLI, INDIA (CNN) - President Barack Obama and India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi said they've made progress over a potential nuclear deal between the two countries.

The president landed in New Dehli Sunday, and was met by Modi on the tarmac, which is considered a break in protocol.

The U.S. is trying to strike a deal with India that would allow U.S. businesses to build more power plants in the country.

"As two great democracies, two innovative economies, two societies dedicated to the empowerment of our people including millions of Indian-Americans, we are natural partners," Obama said.

The two leaders will also be discussing climate, defense and trade during the trip.

On Monday President Obama will be the first U.S. leader to headline India's annual Republic Day parade.

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