St. Charles County car dealer fails to give titles, owners may l -

St. Charles County car dealer fails to give titles, owners may lose cars

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By Adam McDonald By Adam McDonald

ST. CHARLES COUNTY ( – A St. Charles County car dealer’s customers may lose their vehicles because they were never given titles for their cars and now dealership who sold them is out of business. 

“I’m screwed because I’ve been calling and getting no answers,” said Carvel Claggett, who paid $2700 for a 1998 Ford pick-up at Mylenbusch Motors so he could start a new job. “The truck belongs to the dealership. I have no idea who it is. The detective told me they would contact me to bring their truck to them.”

Mylenbusch Motors, which is now out of business, has created this problem for more than 100 people. They also may have their vehicles taken from them all because they weren’t given a title as proof of their ownership.

Miranda Berendes bought a pick-up for her 18-year-old son, but found out when the temporary tag on the truck expired, the ownership transferred to another dealership. “They explained to me that Mylenbusch wrote them a bad check. It bounced, but they had already given him the truck and already sold it,” she said.

Many of the car owners have called authorities on the business’s owner, Erik Mylenbusch. News 4 was able to track down Mylenbusch’s attorney who said there was “absolutely no criminal intent on my client’s part” and “We are trying to cure the difficulties as best we can by cooperating with the authorities.”

Mylenbusch’s attorney also said he doesn’t believe there is enough money to provide a refund to all the customers.

The investigation is ongoing.

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