Grandma rides the hood of a car trying to stop a thief -

Grandma rides the hood of a car trying to stop a thief

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PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) -A Portland grandmother fought back and ended up on the hood of a moving car after a suspect took off with her purse.

It happened at the Gateway Fred Meyer on Friday morning.

It was supposed to be quick trip to the grocery store to buy cream cheese, but instead it turned into an adventure for Tammy Elliott, of northeast Portland.

While at the grocery store Elliott had placed her purse and jacket in a shopping cart.

"I turned away for a couple of seconds and I turned back and I instantly noticed that my purse was gone," Elliott said.

That's when Elliott said she quickly ran toward the front of the store to try and see who took her bag.

"I saw a guy walking and holding a bag and right at that point he looked back and I knew it was mine," Elliott said.

Elliot started running after the man screaming to "stop" and yelling at others that he stole her purse.

As Elliott followed the man to the parking lot, she saw him get into a car and start to drive away, but the 53-year-old grandmother wasn't going to give up that easily.

"I went on the road and got in front of his car and told him, 'there's no money in the bag,'" she added.

She was determined to get her purse back, but what she really wanted were the pictures she has of her grandchildren.

"I want those pictures. My daughter is estranged from her boyfriend and he has the children, he has my grandchildren and I haven't seen them in seven or eight months," Elliott added.

Instead of letting the car drive off, Elliott said she stood in front of the man's car demanding her purse.

"Then I started crying and he was trying to run me over so I jumped on the car and held on to the windshield wipers," Elliott said.

Elliott held on to the car for a few blocks as the man drove down Northesat 102nd Avenue. The entire time, she says the man kept yelling at her to get off.

"I was afraid of hitting a building or car but I wasn't really thinking about my life. I wanted my bag and my pictures," Elliott said.

Eventually she says the man stopped his car near Glisan and told her he threw her bag out the window a few blocks back.

Elliott said she finally got off the car and made her way back to the store where someone had found her bag in the middle of the street.

Elliott said she wasn't really hurt, but the man got away with her wallet and cigarettes. Regardless, she's happy she got her bag and those pictures back.

Portland police describe the suspect as a white man in his 30s with short brown hair. He was about 5'8" to 5'9" tall with a thin build and was wearing dark clothing.

The suspect got away in a blue, newer, small, two-door car. It was described as possibly a Toyota.

Anyone with information should call Portland police.

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