Senior citizen jumps three stories from balcony to escape robber -

Senior citizen jumps three stories from balcony to escape robber

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By Stephanie Baumer By Stephanie Baumer

NORCROSS, GA (CBS46) -Gwinnett police released information Thursday about a senior citizen who said he had to jump from the third-story balcony of his Lake Colony apartment to escape from a man who was trying to kill him.

But now, we're hearing from a neighbor who is putting that entire story in question.

"There was no yelling or screaming. There was no indication of a robbery," the neighbor said.

Victoria Rose lives directly below the Norcross senior citizen who made a huge leap from his balcony to escape an attacker in his apartment.

Police said they found 65-year-old, Paul James lying on the ground with several broken bones.  He fell a distance of more than 30 feet.

Luis Sanchez lives next door to the victim and he described how he and his family heard a commotion through the wall. That's when he ran outside to help. The victim told him he was trying to get away from a man with a knife.

"That's why he jumped off - just in case he came back. He said, 'can you help me? My arm is broken,'" said Sanchez.

Gwinnett Police arrested Jason Houston, Tuesday, and charged him with robbery and exploitation of an elderly person.

The victim told police he once considered Houston a friend, but this time, when he let him inside his apartment, Houston pulled out a knife and demanded that he give him his guitar.

But Rose said certain parts of the story don't add up for her. She said the police officers who originally responded to this incident were also suspicious of the man's story.  

Rose points out, "His front door was locked. So a robber wouldn't lock the door behind them."

And, if he had enough time to lock the door from inside, why didn't he have time to call 911?

And why did he think jumping off the balcony would help him escape from a man who, according to Rose, was outside the apartment by that point.

"I think the entire story is a fabrication," said Rose.

So whose version of the story is right? We wanted to hear it direct from Paul James, but he didn't return to his apartment at all on Thursday.

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