Animal advocates demand changes for Wentzville animal shelter -

Animal advocates demand changes for Wentzville animal shelter

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By KMOV Web Producer By KMOV Web Producer

WENTZVILLE, Mo. ( -- Concerned Wentzville residents, Mayor Nick Guccione and the owner of Animal Talk shelter, met at city hall to discuss accusations of inhumane treatment at the shelter.

Area residents do not believe the shelter is doing a good enough job at caring for the city's strays.

Wentzville resident Julie Bauman said concerns about the shelter include alleged "inhumane and unethical practices, animals not being properly quarantined, animals not receiving proper medical care and treatment and owners not being contacted when [pets] are picked up, even with a microchip."

Worried comments caught Mayor Guccione's attention with a Facebook page called The St. Charles County Watch, especially since the city pays $48,000 a year for the shelter's services.

Dr. Mark Lucas, who owns the shelter, showed News 4's Matt Sczesny around Animal Talk and Sczesny thought the shelter looked fine. Sczesny did ask Dr. Lucas whether the shelter euthanized animals before the owners were able to pick them up.

"Absolutely not, not one," said Dr. Lucas. "We would lose our contract with the city; I'm required by a state statute to keep them for 5 business days."

While the city has the ability to cut their contract with Dr. Lucas with 30 days notice, the contract will remain in place for the time being.

Guccione said after his meeting, the city and Dr. Lucas will be more upfront and transparent about the fees and policies of the shelter and make more of an effort to adopt out any strays in the shelter.


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