The "Zou" feels different tonight -

The "Zou" feels different tonight

Columbia, MO (KMOV) -- The mood in the stadium after the first half of the game against Oklahoma State Saturday night is relaxed. Not unenthused, but laid back.

As I type that first sentence though, OSU runs it back for touchdown pulling them ahead of Mizzou by four points. This game is far from over.

Okie State scored 50 seconds into the second half, in only two plays. Kendall Hunter propelled the Cowboys ahead after his 68-yard run.

This is the first home game of the season in which there are more fans in the stadium after half time than before half. In previous weeks, the fans would slowly disperse due to the lack of excitement and mystery. But this week, this week is different. Mizzou is playing their first Big 12 team at home. And the crowd count proves it.

Stay tuned.

Jessica Mustain is a J-student at the University of Missouri

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