St. Charles Police warning residents about "drug deals gone bad" -

St. Charles Police warning residents about "drug deals gone bad"

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By KMOV Web Producer By KMOV Web Producer

( -- St. Charles Police are investigating two armed robberies they said reveal a troubling trend of drug deals gone bad.

St. Charles Police reported two robberies happening within a few days of each other and both included suspects using a weapon to steal a cell phone and wallet.
“The drug dealer ends up taking the money from the person,” said St. Charles officer Erik Lawrenz, “because most of the time they feel like those aren’t going to be reported.”
St. Charles Police arrested and charged two suspects in connection to the incidents, Dirrell Taylor of St. Louis and Graylen Noldon of St. Charles.
Officers are using these two cases as a warning to others.
“Any time you’re going to go out and do something illegal, whether it’s going out to buy drugs,” Lawrenz said, “You always have a preponderance of violence happening.”
Officers site cases like that of 17-year-old Tyler Pinner, who last month was selling marijuana to some acquaintances when the customers stole the drugs and drove off, running over and killing Pinner.
Police said those “acquaintances” are now charged with Pinner’s murder.
“You’ve got two people whose lives are forever going to be changed,” said the prosecuting attorney Tim Lohmar, “And a mother who lost a son all because of some horrible decisions.”
St. Charles Police also said the people involved in these crimes are young teenagers and parents should have open conversations with their kids about the reality of illegal activity.

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