SLMPD warn citizens of telephone scam that cost Missouri man tho -

SLMPD warn citizens of telephone scam that cost Missouri man thousands

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By Belo Content KMOV By Belo Content KMOV

(KMOV) – The St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department is alerting citizens about a telephone scam that cost one victim thousands of dollars.

According to authorities, the 51-year-old victim was contacted by a male caller who identified himself as a police officer.  The supposed officer claimed there was a warrant out for the arrest of the victim due to back taxes he owed.

The caller then stated that unless a payment was made by the victim, he would be arrested by the Sheriff’s Department.

Furthermore, the caller provided a telephone number and indicated it was the number of an attorney handling the tax case.

According to authorities, after dialing and being instructed to do so, the victim purchased $8,000 in Money Pack cards to be used as payment.

Once the cards were purchased, the victim said the caller instructed him to call the previous man and provide him with the numbers.

Following the transaction, the victim was told the payment was received and the warrant was no longer active.

The victim then contacted authorities as he became skeptical about what had just occurred police said.

Investigations into the case revealed the call to be a scam.

Law enforcement officers want to make it clear that they will never ask for payment over the telephone.  Furthermore, the department urges anyone who receives a call from a caller identifying themselves as law enforcement and demanding payments to call 911.

The investigation is ongoing.


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