Hundreds line up at Pine Lawn City Hall to avoid arrest on speed -

Hundreds line up at Pine Lawn City Hall to avoid arrest on speed violations

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By Sarah Heath By Sarah Heath
By Sarah Heath By Sarah Heath

 (KMOV) -- There’s outrage over what some are calling an unlawful speed trap and a complete waste of their day.

A line with nearly a thousand people in it wrapped around an entire city block in Pine Lawn Thursday. Everyone in line was threatened with arrest if they didn’t pay up.

The City of Pine Lawn potentially racked up more than $74,000 all in one afternoon.

People in line told News 4 they felt cheated out of their hard-earned cash.

“This is way beyond crazy, look at all these people out here,” said Ruthesia Willis.

She and a thousand other people all received a letter telling them they’d been caught speeding at some point by a speed camera.

“We are a zero tolerance community, we don’t let people speed through Pine Lawn,” said city spokesperson Lou Thimes, Jr. 

The city said everyone was given notice, but everyone we talked to said this was the first they’d heard. They weren’t told where or when they’d gotten caught speeding.

Most of them waited hours.

“I am a disabled veteran and I just had toe surgery and I can’t stand out here any longer, plus there’s no restroom or anything out here,” said Vincent Green.

Then, they’d cram into the building.  A News 4 camera wasn’t allowed inside.

Some people wondered if it was all a mistake---or worse: an unlawful scam.

“I don’t believe in this case this is a mistake, I believe these people are violating rules in Pine Lawn,” Thimes Jr said.

“Where’s the money going, we don’t see the money we don’t see any parks around here, where can our kids go?” asked Willis.

City officials say the money goes back to improving the roads. Some in line were so angry, they called the Attorney General. News 4 will continue to follow up. 

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