Dozens of Normandy students sent to wrong Francis Howell school -

Dozens of Normandy students sent to wrong Francis Howell school

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(KMOV) – Dozens of Normandy students were taken to the wrong school when being bused to the Francis Howell School District on Monday.

Officials said 54 Normandy students arrived an hour late to classes after a bus driver took them to Francis Howell High School instead of Francis Howell Central.

The students were taken to the correct school then served breakfast before going to classes.

The 54 students were a portion of the 475 students who boarded busses Thursday for the roughly 25-mile ride to St. Charles County.

Out of that number, 168 of those students will be spread out among 10 elementary schools, 164 will attend five middle schools and 143 students will be at the district’s three high schools.

It’s a historic time for schools in the state of Missouri as thousands of students in the St. Louis area leave their failing school districts for stronger schools and what they hope will lead to stronger futures.

Transportation may be one of the day’s biggest question marks. Many Normandy families have expressed uncertainty about bus arrival times and the role traffic could play in getting students to school on time.

And that’s not the only concern. Normandy and Francis Howell parents are mindful of the educational, social and racial impact sure to be felt by both transferring students and those who already called Howell home.

Francis Howell officials say they’ve done all they can in a short time frame to make this transition as seamless as possible.

With these incoming students, Francis Howell said they will have more than 17,000 students district wide compared to Normandy’s 4500.

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