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Local baseball team says former coach cleaned out bank account

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By Sarah Heath By Sarah Heath

(KMOV) -- A local “select” baseball team is accusing their former coach of taking all the team’s money. 

St Charles Police confirm they are investigating after parents of the Missouri Gunners filed a complaint.

They say they have bank records showing $2,300 went missing through debit transactions and withdrawals from Kevin Eilerts. 

Eilerts spoke to News 4 denying the allegations, saying he used money for team expenses and only about $270 is missing.

“They are wrong about a lot of discrepancies that happened,” Eilerts said. 

Eilerts was asked to give up his coaching position for the team of 16-18 year old teenage boys who play in baseball tournaments in hopes of being seen by college recruits.

He did admit to using about $200 of the team’s money claiming it was for team expenses.

"I used some of it for gas money when I drove around trying to find donations. Trying to get people to sponsor the team, stuff like that,” Eilerts said.

Parents are left scrambling to keep the team together and raise money for tournaments including one next month at the Cardinals spring training stadium in Florida.

New coach Mike Haney said, “I’ve heard of these things happening but I never thought it would happen to our boys.”

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