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Teen who was allegedly drunk when she left strip club charged in deadly crash

HOUSTON—Dressed in blue, county-issued scrubs and constantly wiping away a flood of tears, an 18-year-old stood before a Harris County judge Wednesday morning to hear charges filed against her for causing a deadly crash a day earlier.

Police said Dalia Iris Alfaro was drunk when she left Sin City, a club where she worked as a dancer. The club’s website said they are open from 11 a.m. to 2 a.m., but it was shortly after six o’clock Tuesday morning when police saw Alfaro driving 60 miles per hour in a 35 mph zone on Westheimer. She stopped for a brief moment after crashing her pickup truck into another vehicle at the Kirkwood intersection, but took off as officers attempted to approach.

“The vehicle stopped. Officers pulled up, got out of the patrol vehicle and at that point, the suspect’s vehicle reversed and took off again,” said Victor Senties, HPD spokesperson.

Alfaro sped off and was going 85 mph when she ran a red light at the Eldridge Parkway intersection, slamming into two vehicles and a cement truck, police said.

“It all happened real fast. Boom, boom, boom,” said Bobby Smith, a witness at the scene.

And as quickly as the crash happened, a life was lost. A 29-year-old man driving one of the vehicles Alfaro struck died at the scene.

Alfaro was transported to Memorial Hermann Hospital and, after a blood draw, was determined to be legally drunk. Charges were then filed.

As she sat on a bench in the courtroom, she crossed her heart and appeared to make a prayer before being called to face the judge.

Alfaro was charged with murder and intoxication manslaughter. Her combined bond amounts totaled $80,000.

“It was her decision to flee from the officer and you see what the result was. It cost an innocent citizen their life,” Senties said.

Although she was clearly emotional about what she did and/ or what she was facing, authorities said this was not the first time Alfaro’s been in trouble with the law.

According to court documents, Alfaro has prior convictions of evading arrest, graffiti and possession of marijuana.

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