Man convicted of abuse to be released 2 months into 5 year sente -

Man convicted of abuse to be released 2 months into 5 year sentence

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By KMOV Web Producer By KMOV Web Producer

 (KMOV) --A convicted criminal scheduled for release after he's served just one-fifth of his sentence.

Barb McGhee says she received verbal, mental and physical abuse from her husband Paul Mayberry, for years.

Then one night in 2010, Mayberry allegedly got angry and beat his wife with a rubber rod.

“Were you in fear for your life from this man?” asked Reporter Lauren Trager. “Absolutely at that point, yes,” McGhee said.

But after pleading guilty, Mayberry only got probation.  It wasn't long though before he was in trouble with the law again, this time for taking out credit cards in his estranged wife's name.

His probation was revoked, he was sent to prison for five years. McGhee knew he would parole out after a while, but she thought she had a few years to get her life back together.

“My two to three years turned out to be two months,” McGhee said.

Shortly after going to prison, Mayberry was granted parole and he'll be leaving after just one year.

“No, it wasn't justice at all,” McGhee said. 

Documents News 4 obtained appear to show Mayberry should legally be required to serve 33% of his sentence.

The Department of Correction told News 4’s Lauren Trager they can't comment on specific cases.

The original judge and the prosecutor also weren't available for comment.

“I know if it's not me, it will be someone,” McGhee said.

Mayberry paroles in September. News 4 will continue to keep an eye on him.

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