St. Charles residents ask for repair to curb popping passing tir -

St. Charles residents ask for repair to curb popping passing tires daily

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By KMOV Web Producer By KMOV Web Producer

(KMOV) – Residents of a St. Charles community are asking for work to be done to a curb that is creating a dangerous problem.

Tires are being popped after drivers constantly hit the curb at Elm Street and Ken Drive at all times of the day.

“They’re just taking the curve and then, boom, that thing jumps out and bites them.”

Neighbors say the city won’t do anything about it claiming there is no problem with the curb.

A St. Charles resident was told by city officials that there is no design flaw after they began contacted elected officials for more than a year.

Brian Hansen, who works from home, told News 4 “sometimes they just bump and it’s a loud screech and sometimes it’s like an explosion when the tires blow.”  

“From once every 30 minutes to once every hour, you’ll hear boom, boom!” Sherry Copper said.  “Sometimes it’s a front tire, sometimes it’s a back time and sometimes it’s both.”

Hansen’s city councilwoman told him the public works department found no problems.

“There’s a serious design flaw, but the city is like, nope everything is okay,” Hansen said.

The council woman did not return calls to News 4 - who then contacted the city’s engineer, Kevin Corwin.

In an emailed statement from Corwin he said “this issue was brought before the City’s Street Committee in January of this year.  At that time it was determined to freshen up the striping with the City’s annual striping contract and monitor the location.”
Prior to January, Public Works has only been contacted by nearby residents but never by anyone who has actually sustained damage to their vehicle. 

Since January Public Works has not been contacted regarding this issue. 

This may indicate the problem is driver in attention rather than any geometric problems.

Hansen is waiting to hear what if anything the city will do. 

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