Students await call on transfer placement following second lotte -

Students await call on transfer placement following second lottery

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By KMOV Web Producer By KMOV Web Producer
By Brendan Marks By Brendan Marks
By Brendan Marks By Brendan Marks
By Brendan Marks By Brendan Marks

 (KMOV) -- Phase two of the student transfer lottery began on Tuesday and hundreds of students and their families will soon find what school they will be attending.

The student transfer process was a massive undertaking in a short amount of time involving thousands of students and their families.

About 300 students had to submit their fourth, fifth and sixth choices for an accredited school transfer.

The lottery is underway but News 4 learned not everyone is satisfied including one woman whose daughter is suddenly a fifth grader without a school district after getting the call.

Brandi Jones, of Bel-Nor, lives in the Normandy District but she has never sent her daughter to a Normandy School. Instead she spent thousands to send her child to a private school in south St. Louis County.

When it was announced she could send her daughter to a better district, she jumped at the chance but over the weekend Jones learned her daughter did not get into any of her three district choices.

“I’ve contacted Clayton, Ladue, and Kirkwood, they won’t talk to me… references me back to Cooperating School Districts,” Jones said.

Jones left voicemails and emails with the CSD which have not been returned or replied.  

A spokesperson with the CSD, Sherri Wehner, said she was not aware of the particulars of Jones’ case but did say everyone involved is doing the best they can under the very trying circumstances.

Wehner said “the timing of this thing has been challenging for everyone, for the sending districts that have had weeks to put together an application process. Challenges for the receiving districts because they weren’t notified until Friday or Saturday and some are starting next week.”

Jones said she spent more than $40,000, as a single mother of two, to send her daughter to a private school.

“All out of pocket, paid it six years and now I have a chance to send my child to a good school and that’s been messed up. So, I’m back where I started, it’s frustrating,” Jones stated.

No word on when the next group of students will be receiving calls telling them they’ve been placed at a school. 

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