Belleville extends special sales tax 4 more years -

Belleville extends special sales tax 4 more years

(KMOV) – A special sales tax that was promised to only be temporary will be in place in Belleville for the next four years.

The Belleville City Council approved the extension last night.

In 2011, the city needed money because the state was withholding tax dollars.

A controversial wheel sticker tax had already failed miserably. So instead, Belleville leaders passed a quarter cent sales tax increase.

While it was set to expire in December, Monday night’s vote by the council makes the extension final. It does not need approval from voters.

Belleville Mayor Mark Eckert said the tax raises $1.2 million every year, covering the shortfall from the state and then some. Eckert wanted it to hire four more cops.

“If people are really serious about hiring more police officers, it’s very important to extend this tax,” Mayor Eckert said.

Eckert said the tax doesn’t apply to groceries and medications but will apply at places like Walmart and restaurants.

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