Pet owners sound off on popular medicine believed to be killing -

Pet owners sound off on popular medicine believed to be killing dogs

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By Carlos Otero By Carlos Otero

 (KMOV) – Pet owners across the country are coming out against a popular medicine they think could be deadly.

The drug is called Trifexis, it’s a chewable tablet designed to protect dogs against fleas, heartworm and parasites.

It’s FDA approved drug but one local woman who lost her dog said she has a reason to believe something is wrong and she wanted answers from the manufacturer.

Jayne Hull said the day her 18-month-old Rhoedisan Ridgeback was put to sleep he had 13 seizures within a two-hour period.  Months after his death, the family wonders what caused Red’s death and whether Trifexis is to blame.

The FDA’s latest statistic on Trifexis is from April, 2013 showing 2,200 reports of vomiting, 600 cases of lethargy, and 31 reports of death. The Hull’s veterinarian never identified Trifexis as a cause of Red’s death.

“I would hate to see anyone go through the loss that we suffered,” said Hull.

Pet owners who gave their dogs Trifexis sounded off on social media. The drug hit the market three years ago and since then has become wildly popular.

Its manufacturer, Elanco, told News 4’s Jasmine Huda, the meds are used at more than 15,000 vet clinics nationwide.

The company declined an interview but did send a statement saying “there is no link established between product use and death.” Click here to see the full statement.  

Hull wanted the company to be more open.

“What is in the product that could potentially cause the symptoms that people seeing in they're pets? And also, release exactly how many animals they know of have passed, or in relation to the medication, Trifexis,” said Hull.

Elanco said they won’t release any stats about adverse effects of the drug saying the FDA provided a more complete picture. 

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