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Leaning Tower of Pisa is now one inch straighter

It's not visible to the human eye, but the Leaning Tower of Pisa isn't leaning quite so much these days. In fact it's actually straighter than it has been for centuries, by about an inch.

The change has taken 12 years, the result of a monumental reconstruction project.

The $40 million spent to save the tower from what many saw as imminent collapse is good value for the money, according to technical director Giuseppe Bentivoglio.

Bentivoglio told CBS News' Allen Pizzey that the tower should be stable for a while.

"For the next two or two-and-a-half centuries there will be no need for another intervention," he said in Italian. "This is for certain."

The name Pisa dates from about 600 B.C. and it's ancient Greek for "marshy land," so it's no surprise that one side of the tower began to sink shortly after construction began.

The engineering project to correct the tilt involved attaching cables and enormous lead weights as a counter balance, then extracting soil so the structure would settle back.

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