News 4 gets action after police delay possible harassment invest -

News 4 gets action after police delay possible harassment investigation

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By Carlos Otero By Carlos Otero

( -- A local police department is on the hunt for a stranger who approached a kid walking to school.

The child’s family says the cops only showed interest after News 4 was made aware of the situation. While Pagedale police are now acting on the report made by the 15-year-old, it was originally made on October 29.

According to the report, a strange man approached a 15-year-old girl when she was walking along St. Charles Rock Road.

The man told the girl he knew where she lived and that she should come with him.

She didn’t, instead running to Normandy High School, but the problems only seemed to get worse when the family went to Pagedale police.

“The officer stated they couldn’t make a police report because the guy didn’t physically touch her or put his hands on her,” said Nilkki Hall, the victim’s relative.  Hall contacted News 4 looking for answers, and we contacted Chief Steven Haynes.

He didn’t want to talk on camera, but he did say his officer was wrong not take the report. Haynes said not only are they taking the report seriously, they are out searching for the suspect.

“I feel a little better and safer that it has gotten out,” Hall said.

Even though police originally said no crime was committed unless the girl was touched, it does appear that under Missouri law this stranger could at least face a harassment charge.

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