Chesterfield residents concerned over future closure of Intersta -

Chesterfield residents concerned over future closure of Interstate 64 overpass

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Drivers in Chesterfield will soon be affected after a bridge overpass that thousands of cars travel on each day is torn down and replaced.

The Chesterfield Parkway overpass over Interstate 64 will be closed for at least four months while crews take it from a five-line over pass to an eight-lane overpass to get it ready for the RGA headquarters.

While the bridge is closed, people living in a nearby subdivision are concerned that detoured traffic will turn their quiet streets into almost an expressway of sorts.

“Because during rush hour traffic and sometimes during the day, getting from Swingly Ridge to Chesterfield Parkway West, to where the overpass is, can be a nightmare,” said longtime resident Don Hubatka.

More than 300 employees will work from the new RGA headquarters, located on Swingly Ridge Rd.

“We are definitely not trying to encourage folks to go through Swingly Ridge, but it absolutely may happen, it may be a possibility,” said Aimee Nassif with Chesterfield Planning and Development. “But we’ll keep an eye on it and handle it as it goes through.”

Chesterfield officials say additional police patrols could be added in the area if necessary.

Missouri Department of Transportation officials say the bridge will be closed from April to August of next year, and Interstate 64 will be shut down for a weekend in late March in order to remove the existing bridge.  

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