Alton cracking down on businesses sealing liquor to minors -

Alton cracking down on businesses sealing liquor to minors

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By Elizabeth Eisele By Elizabeth Eisele

( -- One Metro-East city is cracking down on how kids are getting their hands on alcohol.

From small shops like Elete Package and Liquor to big-chains like Schnucks and CVS: the City of Alton said all were caught selling alcohol to kids.

“It was surprising that some of the big retailers were not in compliance,” said Alton Mayor Brant Walker.

In fact, Mayor Walker said it’s worrisome that so many businesses botched the test.

“We are open and we want you to have fun, but you got to play by the rules” Mayor Walker said.

Fines range up to $500 and each business will have to shut down for a day.

Schnucks told News 4 they volunteered for punishment, admitting an employee didn’t follow procedures.

CVS is appealing their citation.

At Elete liquor, the manager said it was his nephew who dropped the ball.

“I always card everyone and that’s what I told my nephew,” said Andy Hamdan.

But Hamdan assures, it won’t happen again.

“He’s not working up here anymore. I told him anything but my liquor license,” Hamdan said.

Mayor Walker said they’re considering doing these stings more often.



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