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Local man accused of charging Franklin Co. officers with knife out on bond

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By Carlos Otero By Carlos Otero

 (KMOV) – The man charged for allegedly running at law enforcement officers with a knife is out on the streets, all because a judge set his bond unusually low.

After paying less than $500, Derrick McJunkin, deputies say, was a serious danger to them is somewhere out there.

“I am disheartened that he has bonded out, yeah,” said Franklin County Sheriff’s Capt. Steve Elliott.

Deputies say last Friday night, McJunkin not only attempted to stab his own mother, he also went after sheriff’s deputies with a knife.

"There's no doubt in my mind he was dangerous to us,” Capt. Elliott said.

Deputies say the assault on law enforcement is even more worrisome. But after his arrest, a judge let him out after paying just 10 percent of a random $4,900.

"My personal opinion, I am not the judge, but $4,900 seems quite low for that,” Capt. Elliott said.

Prosecutors told News 4 they would never have recommended a bond so low. Usually bonds for similar crimes start at no less than $10,000.

So News 4’s Lauren Trager went straight to the judge for answers, but while she were told Judge Gael Wood would get a hold of her, she hadn’t heard back as of Thursday night. 

McJunkin's mother had cowered in the bathroom as her son stabbed a knife through the door. But on Thursday night, she told News 4, he was nowhere to be found.

McJunkin is scheduled to be back here in court in December. Deputies said they'll be keeping an extra eye on him.

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