Report: Undercover detective had sex with alleged drug dealing s -

Report: Undercover detective had sex with alleged drug dealing suspect

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TEMPE, Ariz. -- A sex scandal at the Tempe Police Department has apparently ended the career of a long time detective and put her freedom in jeopardy.

Former Detective Jessica Dever-Jakusz, a 13-year veteran of the force, resigned amid a criminal investigation into her behavior last month.  A report released by the Tempe Police Department on Monday sheds new light on why Dever-Jakusz is under scrutiny.

According to the report, Dever-Jakusz was having a sexual relationship with the suspect in an undercover drug investigation. The investigation was digging into drug abuse and sales in bars on Mill Avenue in Tempe.

According to the report, Dever-Jakusz and two other undercover cops bought illicit drugs from the suspect in June 2013 – one of several undercover drug buys. The report claims the by August, Dever-Jakusz was having sex with the suspect in his home on a relatively regular basis.

The allegations came to light in an anonymous tip received by Tempe police in October.  On Oct. 15, the suspect admitted to police that he was in a sexual relationship with Dever-Jakusz. 

The suspect told investigators that Dever-Jakusz had admitted to him several days earlier that she was an undercover cop and warned him that he and his associates were the subject of an undercover investigation. He also told police that Dever-Jakusz had revealed the identities of two other undercover officers involved in the drug investigation. 

The suspect also shared with police sexually explicit text messages he exchanged with Dever-Jakusz, including a text he received from her while talking with investigators.  According to the report, that text was asking if she could stop by his house later in the day.

The report says the suspect further revealed he was aware that Dever-Jakusz was married to another Valley police officer.

Tempe police immediately suspended the undercover drug operation on Mill Avenue.

Investigators questioned Dever-Jakusz about the allegations but she refused to talk and later resigned before she could be fired.

At the moment, Dever-Jakusz does not face charges, but the criminal investigation into her behavior has been forwarded to the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office and charges for hindering prosecution, a felony, could be filed in the near future.

The Tempe report says no drug charges can be filed against the suspect with whom Dever-Jakusz had the relationship and it's unknown if any charges could move forward against other suspects from the undercover operation.

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