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Local student allegedly assaulted by fellow classmate, 3 adults in school

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By Carlos Otero By Carlos Otero

 (KMOV) – An investigation is underway after a student and her older three adult sisters reportedly assaulted a fellow classmate in Jennings High School on Wednesday.

Police say the adult sisters of a 16-year-old student at Jennings High School attacked an 18-year-old female student outside the nurse’s office inside the school building. The adults’ ages ranged from 19 to 24.

The fight was stopped and the student who was attacked was not seriously hurt. She reportedly drove herself to the Jennings Police station to report the crime.

The victim told authorities that the fight related to “that during her freshman year, the classmates became enemies over a boy they both liked.”

School officials said the adults were able to get into the school because they were relatives but the incident raised questions about the screening process of visitors and whether the school needs more security.

When someone visits the school, they push a buzzer and an office staff member is able to see them on a surveillance camera. They are able to evaluate whether they’re authorized and if it’s safe to let them in.

When asked how this happened, Tiffany Anderson, Jennings School Superintendent said, “I can't address the specific individual but if the person shows ID or they are family members or parent or relative and have permission to pick up an individual, they're allowed in the building."

Some parents say this is proof changes are needed at the school. The school has a student resource officer but he was busy with another incident at the time. The superintendent said any student that fights is sent to an alternative school. Authorities are investigating the older sisters at this time.

"Anyone that comes into any one of our buildings was not a student and behaves in a manner that's inappropriate, we are prepared to take every possible stance we have which includes pressing charges," said Anderson. 

Police have issued arrest warrants for the older sisters but they have not been located. 

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